Waterproof Map & Document Case

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Protect all your essential guides, maps, documents, and other paperwork while traveling outdoors with Waterproof Map & Document Case. Designed with waterproof material, heat pressed seals, and a re-sealable closure, the military map case will protect your documents by preventing water and debris from getting inside. With a transparent plastic window, you can use dry-erase markers to mark your location, destination, and other essential information without having to write on the map itself. Lightweight and foldable, the waterproof document holder can be easily stored or attached to your gear with the carabiner clips on each corner. Featuring 14 ¾” X 12 ½” of usable space, the tactical map case can store more than just maps; keep first-aid supplies, small electronics, and other survival essentials dry while traveling through the tough terrain. Waterproof Map Holder is a great tool for military personnel, campers, travelers, and even sailors.