Vintage Vietnam Fatigue Rip-Stop Shirt

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Embrace the comfort and functionality of American military attire with our Vintage Vietnam Fatigue Shirt. These rip-stop shirts are authentic replicas of the Vietnam fatigues worn by American soldiers on the front lines during the Vietnam War. These fatigue shirts perform well in warm weather, and are great for when you’re working on the ranch, playing a few rounds out in the field, or casually strolling through the day.


Lightweight and Comfortable:

  • These breathable fatigues are made of durable, 100% cotton rip-stop material that’ll keep you cool while enduring a day worth of work or play.


Authentic Era Slant Pockets:

  • The shirt four authentic Vietnam era slant pockets provide greater ease of access to gear on the opposite side of your body. The pockets also feature a two-button closure that keeps your items safe and secure. They’re perfect for storing your cellphone, wallet, keys, and other essentials.


Prewashed Fatigues:

  • These Vietnam fatigue shirts are washed for an authentic look and feel. This prewash also helps prevent any unnecessary shrinking, ensuring a soft and comfortable fit.


A Full Set:

  • Complete your uniform with a matching pair of our Vintage Vietnam Fatigue Pants and Vintage Vietnam Boonie Hat, all of which feature 100% cotton rip-stop fabric.


Washing Instructions:

  1. Wash in warm water, using soap or mild detergent
  2. Do not wring or twist
  3. Do not starch or bleach
  4. Dry in tumble dryer at warm setting
  5. Remove immediately at end of drying
  6. Shape and hang