8-in-1 Multi-Tool Survival Shovel / Portable Camping Entrenching Tool - Stainless Steel

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Steel Multi-Tool Survival Shovel features everything you need for backpacking and survival, including a knife, sawblade, whistle, fire rod, window breaker, hex wrench, rope cutter, and a hollow handle for dry storage. The knife, sawblade, whistle, and fire rod are stored in the handle for optimal packing capability. The shovel attachment features a saw edge, rope cutter, and a blade that can be sharpened for long-term use (shovel attachment measures 6.25 inches X 5 inches). The multitool shovel breaks down into three sections for compact storage. The survival whistle also acts as a handle for the fire rod, while the multifunction knife features an additional saw blade. The window breaker at the base of the handle makes the survival tool great for storing in the car. The hollow handle is great for storing fire starting materials. The survival shovel breaks down for storage in a two-piece polyester sheath. The total assembled length is 29.5 inches.