Stainless Steel Portable Camping / Backpacking Stove

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Compact and portable, Stainless Steel Fuel and Wood Burning Stove is a must-have addition to your camping gear. Made from lightweight stainless steel, the collapsible camping stove includes a six-component design to easily cook food and boil water while in the great outdoors. The cylinder base and combustion chamber stack on top of each other and feature vent holes for increased airflow to allow the flame to burn more efficiently. compact stove can use fuel or wood to cook with depending on the position you place the stove base plate / ash pan inside the combustion chamber. For fuel cubes and alcohol, place the stove plate flat side facing up and use with the fuel cube plate/bowl. If you use wood, leaves, and other kindling materials, place the ash pan flat surface facing down. The top of the multi-functional camping stove features three rectangular support arms to hold large and small cookware. To safely increase the size of the flame, use the collapsible bellowing straw to blow air into the fire (store the bellowing tool inside the drawstring pouch). Store and carry all the stove components in one with the meshed carry pouch.