Silva Expedition 360 Global Compass

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The Silva Waterproof Expedition Global Compass is designed for experienced compass users with a global needle for enhanced flexibility and the ability to be used in all three different magnetic zones. The Silva map compass features GPS scales, map measurements in mm, inches (1/20th), and map scales of 1:25k, 1:40k, or 1:50k for the most accurate measurements when used in tandem with a map. The detachable and bendable distance lanyard has scales in 1:25 and 1:50, which aids in measuring the distance you will travel. Made of DryFlex™, the survival compass provides an improved grip for easy navigation. The Silva Compass Lanyard comes with a slope card for determining any extra distance due to the slope and if there is a risk of avalanches. The global compass’ additional features include a built-in adjuster for magnetic declination, a magnifying lens and rubber friction feet for precise map measurements, and luminous markings and graduation ring enables night time navigation (activate with sunlight or a flashlight for 4 hours of visibility). Silva 360 Global Compass aligns with their 1-2-3 system with the turnable housing.