Phalanx™ FLAT DARK EARTH RENEGADE™ Ballistic IIIA Ear/Cheek Side Covers for High Cut Helmets

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The RENEGADE™ Ballistic IIIA Side Covers, designed and produced to offer additional environmental protection and ballistic coverage, which allows the user to rapidly switch the level of ballistic coverage to match current threats. If you wear a high cut helmet with comms headsets such as Peltor™ or MSA™ and are looking for added protection, look no further.

The base material of the helmet is comprised of Aramid fibers in a composite matrix.

The RENEGADE™ Ballistic Side Cover(s) is offered in 3 colors, Black, Dark-Earth &Olive Drab

◘Meets or Exceeds NIJ LVL IIIA Specifications

◘Low profile design does not interfere with sighting (stock weld) on shoulder fire weapon systems.

◘Lightweight design

◘Simple to install and uninstall

◘Imported: Made in Ukraine

Phalanx International, LLC uses only the highest quality materials in the manufacture of all of it's products. All of our ballistic products and helmet accessories are covered under our limited life time warranty.