MOLLE Tactical Tourniquet and Shear Holder Pouch

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MOLLE Tactical “TQ” Pouch is a crucial addition to your gear for emergency situations. Designed to provide quick access to your standard tourniquet and trauma shears, this pouch ensures that essential equipment is always within reach. The MOLLE compatibility allows for easy mounting on your belt, tactical vest, pack, or any gear equipped with a MOLLE panel. Featuring an easy-grip pull tab on the hook and loop front cover, this pouch allows for instant access to your tourniquet (sold separately) when time is of the essence. Elastic straps on the side of the pouch provide a secure fit for tourniquets of various sizes, ensuring that they are held in place during movement. Additionally, the hook and loop back pocket is perfect for storing trauma shears (sold separately), with a strap that feeds through the shear handles for added security. For easy identification, the front loop field is labeled with “TQ” lettering, making it simple to locate your tourniquet when needed. The pouch features 3 snap closures, allowing for vertical or horizontal mounting options depending on your preference and gear setup. With a compact design measuring 6.75 inch x 2 inch x 1 inch, this pouch provides essential functionality without adding unnecessary bulk to your gear. Whether you're a first responder, law enforcement officer, or outdoor enthusiast, having quick access to your essentials and supplies can make all the difference in critical situations. Ensure that you're prepared for emergencies with MOLLE Tactical Tourniquet & Shear Holder Pouch, the reliable solution for keeping vital equipment close at hand.