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From weekend camping trips to intensive field missions, get a good night sleep in the outdoors with our Jungle Hammock. Inspired by the US military, these camping hammocks are designed to keep you off the ground for additional comfort and protection from outdoor elements.

Built for active-duty personnel and outdoor enthusiasts, these hammocks will gladly tackle the great outdoors while offering you a comfortable place to rest. This survival essential is a must-have for your camping backpack or bug-out bag.


Brave the Outdoors:

  • The enclosed hammock features a water-resistant rain fly roof that shields you from the elements. If placed high enough, the hammock could also help protect your gear from the rain and offer shade from the sun during the day.


All-In-One Design:

  • These portable hammocks feature an integrated mosquito net, so you don’t get bitten while out in the wilderness. The two-way zipper provides quick, easy access in and out of the hammock since the mesh mosquito netting is connected to both the water-resistant roof and canvas bottom.


Adventure Ready:

  • Securely attach each end of the military hammock to a tree with the provided ropes and clews while ensuring that it stays taught for comfortable use. In addition, the heavy-duty cotton canvas bottom provides additional structure while supporting up to 220 LBS.


Portable & Lightweight:

  • This backpacking hammock measures 78 inch x 20 inch flat, and can be easily folded for storage inside your rucksack or vehicle. Whether you are out trekking or on an overlanding trip, keep your bed bedside your every step of the way.