Inspection Ready Beret With Flash

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Whether you’re looking for an immediate replacement or an extra just in case, our Inspection Ready Beret with Flash is pre-shaven and ready to wear out of the box! Instead of unnecessarily spending time removing fuzz, you’re free to focus on other tasks at hand.


Right on Target:

  • This inspection ready hat displays the standard U.S. Army blue flash with white stars, and is made to military specifications.


Long-Lasting Material:

  • Constructed with a durable and lightweight 95% wool / 5% nylon blend, these military berets provide additional warmth and insulation while shielding you from the wind and light rain.


Comfortable Fit:

  • Along with preventing the beret hat from fraying, the leather trim sits securely on your head for a comfortable fit and feel, avoiding any discomfort throughout the day.


Got You Covered:

  • Keep your head in the game with collection of headwear and accessories. Designed with precision and purpose, our headgear is built to withstand the harshest conditions. Whether you’re tackling the cold in one of our Watch Caps or Balaclavas, or out on a mission in a Boonie Hat or Fatigue Cap, our diverse range of headwear provides unmatched comfort and protection for everyone from active-duty personnel to outdoor enthusiasts.