G.I. Type Screw-On Gas Nozzle

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Screw-On Gas Nozzle provides a hassle-free and dependable method for fueling up using gas cans. Constructed from durable steel plated with zinc, this nozzle ensures years of reliable performance. Its robust yet malleable design facilitates easy fueling without compromising strength. Featuring a thermoplastic rubber ring, it creates a spill-free seal between the nozzle and gas can, preventing leaks and ensuring a mess-free experience. Whether for camping, hiking, tactical purposes, or long-term gas storage, this screw-on gas nozzle is a versatile solution. With precise dimensions including a tin-plate diameter of 20.5mm, nozzle outer diameter of 22mm, thread mesh diameter of 16.5mm, and bottom screw diameter of 2.25 inches, it guarantees compatibility with various gas can sizes. Trust Screw-On Gas Nozzle for efficient and trouble-free fueling wherever you go.