Canvas Barracks Bag

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Our Canvas Barracks Bag is designed to conveniently store and transport a soldier belongings, clothes, and gear. These canvas bags feature military-styled stenciling for a rugged look and feel. They’re great for field use, travel, outdoor adventures, gym going, laundry, and more!


Dependable and Long-Lasting:

  • Made of heavy-duty cotton canvas, these army barracks bags are built tough and easily withstand numerous trips, including event-filled days at camp or a weekend getaway through the mountains. The canvas fabric ensures clean clothes won’t pick up stray soil or smell from dirty laundry, allowing you to pack everything together in a larger pack as you travel.


Drawstring Closure:

  • These canvas laundry bags come equipped with a drawstring top with a cord lock for easy access while ensuring your belongings are safe and secure.


Multiple Sizes Available:

  • Our Canvas Barracks Bags come in 3 sizes: Medium (18 inch x 27 inch), Large (24 inch x 32 inch), and Extra Large (30 inch x 40 inch).


Top Grade Canvas:

  • Made from durable heavyweight canvas fabric, this superior material is naturally water-resistant, rugged, and is built for the long haul. No one comes close to collection of ultra-premium canvas bags and packs.