Concealed Carry Quilted Woobie Jacket

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presents the Concealed Carry Quilted Woobie Jacket. Continuing with the progression of the iconic woobie collection, from a field-proven military poncho liner to a mid-weight jacket, we’ve added concealed carry functionality to our lineup. 

These concealed carry jackets are designed to comfortably hold most standard handguns with padded ambidextrous pockets (left and right pockets). Whether you're heading out for a day on the range, working in public safety, or just running errands around town, Concealed Carry Woobie has everything you need to stay warm, comfortable, and prepared.


Ample Storage and Utility:

  • These CCW jackets feature 6 pockets: 2 front hand pockets with zippers for carrying your EDC items, 2 inner magazine pockets (with hook and loop closures), and 2 padded inner concealment pockets (with hook and loop closures) for storing your concealed carry weapon.


Reinforced Pocket Liners:

  • All interior pockets are stitched to the 65% polyester / 35% cotton inner liner for additional strength and reliability, especially when carrying your concealed carry weapon. Please note that there no inner liner for the back and sleeves.


Combat the Cold:

  • With 6 OZ jar quilting and an outer shell that 100% 190T polyester, our insulated jackets provide all-day comfort and warmth, just like the classic military woobie! The soft ribbed knit fabric collar and cuffs help with heat retention and insulation.


Multilayer Functionality:

  • Along with aiding you against cool weather, these concealed carry woobie jackets can be worn as a standalone jacket (prefect for fall and spring), or as a liner for a softshell jacket, parka, or other cold weather coat. These outdoor CCW jackets are light, durable, and incredibly warm for year-round comfort.


Additional Features:

  • These concealed carry woobies also consist of a dual zipper that can be opened from top to bottom, for quick and easy access to your firearm, no matter the situation at hand. Furthermore, the right sleeve has a 4” x 4” loop field that great for adding your US Flag or other morale patches. These woobie jackets are light, and can be easily folded for storing inside your backpack, bag, or car.


Discreetly Carry in Confidence:

  • stands out as the leader in concealed carry clothing and accessories. With a rich heritage spanning over 7 decades, we have honed our expertise in crafting durable and effective CCW gear. Our extensive range of products, including apparel, bags, and gear, showcases a diverse selection of specialized concealed carry items. From public safety and military personnel, to privately armed citizens, is the go-to brand for concealed carry apparel and gear.