Compact Multi-Tool Shovel - Black

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Digging, sawing, cutting, you name it! Compact Multi-Tool Shovel is a versatile backpacking, camping, and survival accessory with countless applications. The compact trowel-style multitool takes up minimal space in your camping pack (Measures 10.5 inches x 3 inches). A knife edge on the camping shovel allows you to leave your fixed blade knife at home, while the serrated saw edge of the multitool shovel is perfect for cutting through branches. 12 inches of paracord are wrapped around the handle of the camping multitool. The camping tool features three hex wrench holes (12 mm, 8 mm, and 4 mm) and a seven CM ruler. The nail puller at the base of the survival multitool makes it easy to remove stakes from the ground. Durable stainless steel material construction enables years of reliable use. The shovel also features a bottle opener, belt mountable carrying pouch, and a hollow handle for use as a spear.